Baked Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes have become my favourite easy homemade snack. Sweet potatoes are naturally very tasty, so one does not need to be a master chef to make a tasty meal out of them. On second thought after looking at the picture below, however, one does need to be a skilled chef to  cut sweet potatoes more thinly and uniformly to make better chips. Well cut or not, sweet potato is a great source of vitamin A (retinol equivalents) second only to carrot (FSANZ, 2010).

Baked sweet potatoes
Baked sweet potatoes

Place around 750g of chopped sweet potatoes in a large bowl. Add 1 heaped teaspoon of sweet paprika. Add 2-3 tablespoons of oil. Toss to mix. Add just enough oil to coat most of the sweet potatoes. The baked sweet potatoes will be soggy and overly soft if they are too oily to start with. Also remember to choose oils which have high smoke points and can therefore withstand high cooking temperatures such as canola or rice bran oil (see ABC Australia article on cooking oil). Bake the sweet potatoes for 25-30 minutes at 200°C. The sweet potatoes are ready when the tips of some of them are just starting to darken. Take out and try your best to wait for the sweet potatoes to cool for a few minutes before diving in.



14 thoughts on “Baked Sweet Potatoes

  1. Reblogged this on food thoughts to share and commented:
    Sweet potatoes are one of my favourite root vegetables. You can do so much with them. Came across this simple recipe for baked sweet potatoes – hope you like!
    PS – try them with my Tahinni dipping sauce (see second last blog)

  2. Looks good. I always chop sweet potatoes up like thin french fries before baking. It takes a while to chop everything though. Your method looks much quicker and the paprika will no doubt add a nice flavour. I’ll have to give this a try next time.

  3. Wow! I was just thinking of needing this recipe a few days ago. I used to get them at a deli in San Francisco for lunch to go with a salad and they were delicious….I’ll be making these in the next couple of days. Thanks!

  4. Looks fantastic!!!
    My mom makes some killer baked sweet potato “fries,” but I’ve never made them in my own home. Eating out with my little sister one time she ordered the sweet potato fries and was like, “These are better than what mom makes!” … but we discovered that what she liked about them was the sweeeet sauce that went with them, and their deep-fried greasy-ness. They may taste good, but I’ll take the baked version anytime. 🙂


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