Project365 – Day1

For the first few months after getting my first dSLR, I brought it to most of the places I went to and eagerly photographed just about everything in my sight. After that, my waning enthusiasm coupled with worries about the seemingly endless challenges that my loved ones and I have been experiencing meant that my camera spent a lot of time in its bag.

Inspired by 365 Grateful and numerous other Project365 groups, I am determined to pick my camera up and experience the pleasure of photography, albeit the entry-level amateur variety, again. These projects show that photography, amateur or otherwise, is the perfect way for us to ‘see’ our surroundings and be grateful for the present. I also hope that I will be a little better in framing and seeing by the end of this project.

Despite my determination, I am well aware that photographing once a day can quickly turn into a chore. Here is to following this project through.



What do you think?

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