Project 365, Day 6: Misua

Misua is originated from the Fujian region in China. The Chaozhou/Teochew region also have its own version of misua. The Teochew version is also white and soft, but a  little thicker and less salty.

When someone in my family felt unwell, misua (mee sua or noodle thread) soup was one of the things that my mom would cook. She cooked misua in a simple but nourishing soup of minced or thinly sliced pork, ginger, soy sauce, egg, a little bit of spring onion and lots of sesame oil. So, the sight of misua reminds me of family and nurture.


Unlike other noodles, misua does not have to be boiled separately. Because it is very fine and soft, it will only take less than 1 minute to cook and therefore should only be added to the soup right at the end of cooking time. Misua soup is indeed the original instant, yet nourishing noodle soup.


What do you think?

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