Project365, Day 8: DIY Pop-up Flash Bounce Card

All of the images that I have posted so far had been taken using just natural or available lighting. Like most people, I always disable my pop up flash because it is too harsh and unflattering. Adjustable external flash that can be bounced off walls or ceilings on the other hand is simply unaffordable for me. I have been compensating for low light conditions by shooting with large apertures and/or slow shutter speeds on a tripod.

DIY pop up flash bounce card has been discussed in numerous blogs and websites since eons ago but I have only got around to doing it today. As I did not have much time, I chose to do the easiest DIY bounce card which was described in a CNET article.

It took me less than 2 minutes to cut out the bounce card from a large drawing paper. I cut my bounce card larger than a business card (mine was 11 x 8cm), as I found that a smaller card could not bounce the flash adequately when the camera was pointed downwards.

I took all three images in auto mode as I wanted to see how the camera would deal with the indoor low light situation. The image taken with the DIY bounce card seemed to be the most natural.

The image taken with ‘forced flash off’ was dark and shadowy, reflecting the uneven and weak lighting in the room. But, it was still a lot better than the ‘deer in the headlights’ look of the image taken with straight up flash. So, I will definitely use homemade bounce cards for indoor shooting again in the future.


What do you think?

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