Reducing Food Waste, One Recipe at a Time

Some people are frugal and wise shoppers who ignore weekly specials and relentless advertisements, buying only what they need. Some people are frugal, but impulsive bargain hunters and shoppers; the kind that the marketing and sales folks count on for their annual bonuses. I am the latter. After receiving several bursts of shock from discovering a fair amount of almost and already expired packets of foods during my fridge and pantry audits, I am on a slow path to recovery.

The delicious-looking apple and onion tart in the images below that I made was a result of both buying impulsively and needing to save a leftover ingredient from the bin. Although I am still trying to go through my largely untouched cookbooks and trying the recipes in them, the original reason of why I started Nourishing Chow, I am doing it much more slowly. Each time I try a new recipe, I have leftover ingredients to deal with or to forget about, a.k.a. food waste. The good thing about trying new recipes is that I have become more flexible in combining ingredients.

Apple and onion tart
Apple and onion tart

In this case, however, I ended up making this apple and onion tart thanks to a quick web search and someone else’s idea. The sour cream that I bought while I was hungry shopping was going to expire yesterday and I had to use it fast. As I also had a few apples and onions that were looking rather old and sad, I searched for a simple recipe that used all three ingredients and found it in the Real Simple website.

The last three slices of the apple and onion tart

The tart was deliciously sweet and tangy. As soon as I cut the tart into smaller pieces, my daughter and I practically breathed them in (not very charming, yes). The three pieces of tarts in the second image were in fact the ones that we managed to save from ourselves. This is a definite proof that it is always worth it to save foods from the bin, however old and sad they may look.


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