Weekly Photo Challenge: Object, Pochacco on Snow

The little cartoon character in the image is a Sanrio character created in the late 80’s, called Pochacco.

Pochacco’s character is described as playful, sporty and unsteady on his feet. I am using this image for both the weekly photo challenge and the day 35 image of my project365.

The Pochacco figurine in the image is actually a mini self-inking stamp that I bought as a child. At that time, Sanrio products were expensive and hard to find in the town that I grew up in so I felt that it was too precious to use. I had instead been keeping it in my small box of ‘too-precious-to-use’ things. In other words, I am a little bit of a hoarder.

I had almost forgotten that I even had this mini Pochacco stamp until a recent spring clean. I decided then that objects are just objects and they are meant to be used. My daughter is of course the lucky recipient of my ‘too-precious-to-use’ stationeries which are older than her.

Pochacco on snow
Pochacco on snow

My ‘too-precious-to-use’ things have also proven to be particularly useful bonding tools for my daughter and me. We had a lot of fun in setting the scene for this image. She was such an enthusiastic helper that I had to stop her from adding too much of the baking soda that we used as the snow. As baking soda was splashed about and we were chattering the whole time, I think both of us had breathed in some baking soda. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is harmless.


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