Project365, Day 39: Ants

I have no illusions about my photography skill and the quality of the images that

I have posted so far for Project365. But, I was a little more reluctant than usual to post my day 39 image.

I tried to photograph a small army of ants but they moved very fast and I ended up with many photographs of just the wood railing or blurred ants. I could not try too many shutter speed and aperture combinations because my camera’s low battery warning was flashing unobtrusively, but incessantly. Using much smaller aperture simply did not cross my mind until the camera’s battery completely died.


After reviewing my ants images, I wanted to find out how to photograph something as small and fast as ants. As expected, there are numerous posts on this topic. I had only read the tips from two websites, though. The tips in Apogee Photo are quite thorough, listing out the must-have equipment for photographing ants. The tips in Myrmecos meanwhile are simple and straightforward, but it may be meant for those who already own a set of macro accessories.

Buying extra equipment is out of the question for now. So, if I do decide to try photographing ants again, I will probably just bring something sweet for the ants to stop and enjoy. A fully charged battery can’t hurt either.


4 thoughts on “Project365, Day 39: Ants

  1. To capture something small, you can do this with most cameras you just need to know the limitations of your camera. I would advise using your longest lens or zoom to the max and then see what find out what is the minimum focus distance, this is usually written on the front of the lens. With this experimentation you can work out how close you can get. Maybe I should write a post about this.

    1. You are right; I should try to work with what I already have. I must admit I never really understood what the numbers and markings on lenses mean.

      A post on this topic will be great. I look forward to your post on this. 🙂

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