P365 D99: Shadows of the Past

I woke up to find the early morning light casting shadows in my old place, creating beautiful nostalgic scenes, highlighting the time that had past.

Then, it was time for meatless char kway teow, cooked by my sister-in-law. She made it look so easy and her char kway teow was much more delicious than store-bought ones. As she added a lot of choy sum and taugeh/mung bean shoots, hers tasted less greasy and had more crunch to it.

Indonesian nasi campur (steam rice served with 3 or more side dishes), urap (salad of toasted coconut and cooked papaya leaves, snake beans and taugeh) and satay with peanut sauce at the airport made for a perfect closing meal for my trip.

It was the shortest trip home that I have made so far. But, much like the dizzying array of flavours in Indonesian foods, it was also one of the most mixed emotion trip that I had been on. There were goodbyes, regrets, closures and unconditional acceptance, care and love. Everyone understood that nothing should be left unsaid.


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