P365 D112: Unexpected Beauty

Even the most unappreciated things can be beautiful. In this case,

the unappreciated things happen to be a fly and star of Bethlehem plant, both considered pests to be rid of.

The flowers that the fly was perched on looked very ordinary and a little neglected. But, both the flowers and the fly looked quite striking in the final image.

fly, macro, white flowers
Fly perched on white flowers

Similarly, the tiny star of Bethlehem flowers turned out to be quite beautiful when photographed up close. They look like a nicely arranged bouquet of flowers.

Star of bethlehem flowers, macro
Star of Bethlehem flowers



2 thoughts on “P365 D112: Unexpected Beauty

  1. I’m not sure if I was the person taking the photo of the fly it would look beautiful but how you do it definitely. Thanks for reminding me to find the beauty in the unexpected. A lovely way to wrap up my day.

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