P365 D115: Rosy Periwinkle

Madagascar rosy periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) is a ubiquitous shrub in Indonesia. It can be found growing on the sides of many residential streets. A few years ago I took a photograph of what I now think is a purple rosy periwinkle in Indonesia. I did and still do find that purple rosy periwinkle flowers’ picture to be very beautiful. But, I was not able to find out the shrub’s name even after a fair bit of googling.

The name of the shrub had since been a nagging question at the back of my mind until recently, when I saw a similar flowering shrub growing in the backyard of a green thumbed friend. Its flowers were a beautiful mix of pale purple, pink and white. They looked so delicately pretty with tiny water drops from an earlier light rain that I just had to photograph them. My friend on the other hand, was a little bemused and happy to see me being so excited over what others consider as rather ordinary and ubiquitous flowers.

The photograph has turned out to be quite decent. As an added bonus, this time I have managed to find out the name of the flowers thanks to some intensive (not more than 5 minutes, actually) image googling. And, that nagging question is gone.

rosy periwinkle, vinca rose, Catharanthus roseus
A pair of rosy periwinkles



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