P365 D148: Rustic Canvas

Now that I am close to the halfway mark of my project365, I am starting to run out of things to shoot. I have had to look left, right, up and down my surroundings to find something interesting to shoot. Sometimes doing so could pay off.

While looking at the weeds and random plants that grew on the roadside, I noticed the beautiful contrast between the yellow flower of dandelion and the wooden power pole that it was leaning against. The wooden pole looked like a rustic, but beautiful and fitting canvas for the dandelion flower.

The sun was minutes away from setting and I was running out of natural lighting by the second. Luckily the pole was close to a traffic light stop, so the headlights from cars that stopped there actually helped to brighten the scene a little. Despite this, the shot was still a bit too dark and I had had to increase the brightness of the RAW image by a fair bit in Canon DPP. While the final image is of course far from perfect, I like its overall mood. It looks like nature imitating art to me.


yellow dandelion flower, wooden power pole, rustic canvas
Yellow dandelion flower leaning against wooden power pole

What do you think?

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