P365 D164: Friday the 13th

These photographs were shot back in 13th June which happened to fall on a Friday. It was a full moon night but the moon was not visible most of the time due to the heavy clouds in the sky that night. Still, I thought I would try photographing the night landscape handheld. So, it was not surprising that I ended up with a spooky image which incidentally fits the spirit of Friday the 13th.

The screw in the second image was from my tripod. It must have been loose for some time before it “decided” to fall off of my tripod on that very night. Only then that I discovered that there were supposed to be three screws just underneath the tripod head and that there were only two left; one that was still  attached but loose and one that had fallen off. Another screw was already gone. I could not remember whether it was already missing when I bought the tripod (return period was well and truly over) or it fell off sometime somewhere during my use. It seems that unless I can find another identical screw, I will just have to live with 1-missing-screw-tripod, which has been fine so far.


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